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Bria “The Goddess Kalypso” Clark was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio in 1994. She is described as a multifaceted, multidimensional, spiritual, expressive, and creative woman. An experienced venturer throughout many journeys in life, this woman truly marches to the beat of her own drum. A twinkle in her eye, you can never truly grasp all the ideas swimming in her head. At 26 years of age, she is ready to embark on her journey as an artist, author, clothing designer, and serial business owner. A graduate of Columbus Africentric Early College (2012), Bria is proud to say this is where she acquired her roots in African heritage, traditions, morals, and values. It is important to her that she applies the wisdom gained from every experience encountered. Bria later attended two HBCUs, Wilberforce University and Bethune Cookman College for business. Bria is a college dropout and decided against paying more money for college to embark on a separate journey, fueled by the desire to create her own path from scratch with no regrets.

"The Serial Entrepreneur"

The Goddess Kalypso Biz

The Goddess Kalypso Biz was founded on ideas promoting the need to put one’s mental, emotional, & spiritual health + wealth FIRST. Healing is magical. Healing is freeing. We all need to dedicate more of our energy to self-love and self-healing. Shop her for smudge sticks & Goddess bath products. The owner’s intention is to share her own personal spiritual journey in hopes that others become more spiritually aware + grounded. This business will uplift & send good  “vibez” + high vibrations out into the community. The mission is to grow together! “I want to pour my soul’s gifts & pleasures out for the universe to indulge in!”

Ohio Goddess Accessories

Ohio Goddess Accessories is about self-expression through fashion, standing out, & being bold!” OGA embodies fearlessness. Dope, daring, & different accessories PLUS MORE are available on our featured online store! We have different flavors to satisfy the taste of any unique individual with an extraordinary style! Items are on hand & also available for delivery.  




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